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"Im a huge Tampa Bay and Dallas Cowboys fan. This site is perfect. Who said good looking girls cant like football.... Love the site and glad to be a part of your team."

Siren, 2007

tania tapia

"This site is awesome!!! I am a HUGE Football Fan, and enjoy Football Season hanging out with the guys drinking beer :) All of the Football chicks that are HOTT, are the ones the guys love the most..... xoxox"

Tania Tapia, 2007

jen cook

"Hell yeah!! Let's get it on!"

Jen Cook, 2006

tamar perks

"Hi THere!..., I would LOVE to be on board!!! I LOVE football...have watched it since I was a little kid.....of course I love Florida teams. Pro: Dolphins College: Tie-Miami and Florida I do like Tampa Bay also, but the others are my favorites! :-)"

Tamar Perks, 2006

meriah nelson

"Having played for NY in the 2006 Lingerie Bowl on Pay Per View, this site is my 'home away from home'! I am returning for 2007! New York 2006 Champions!!! I love tackling my opponents! We are sexy AND tough chicks! Watch us get down and dirty!"

Meriah Nelson, 2006

"As a former NFL Cheerleader I had the opportunity to be close to the action. It was always a rush to hear the grunts and groans! You could almost feel the hits as they tackle one another! Football is a real man's sport! There's nothing sexier!"

Jamie Eason, 2006

victoria red

"Watching football gets me HOT! It's such a masculine sport. I love to watch the muscular men in those tight pants, smashing into each other. And then watch the cheerleaders shake their breasts and flash their asses! I get the best of both worlds;)"

Victoria Red, 2006

crissy moran

"The pleasure is mine....I am one of those girls who is passionate about football and modeling, I am a huge fan of the Buccaneers, and Jaguars because ive lived in both cities....but anyways I as well am looking forward to future affiliation with us"

Crissy Moran, 2006

ariel x

"You certainly have a lot of hotties on you friends list :) (at I just added you so you can have one more :) Love,"

Ariel X, 2005

"Have a great new year. The site is great, beautiful girls!"

Leticia Cline, 2005

"Ur site is Pretty Kool"

Shay Lynn, 2005

"Wow! Great site. Everytime when I'm in the USA I love to watch the NFL; definitely also because of the buff guys! Unfortunately here in Europe it doesn't get that much media attention. But the site is a great opportunity for me to keep up!"

Vanessa Montagne, 2005

"Aloha Everyone! I love this site, I can look at football and hot chicks...Thanks so much for adding me to the hottest site for football and hotties."

Sasha Ogata, 2005

"Hi! What a killer site! I LOVE football! Being a Texas girl, I am a die hard Cowboy fan!! Yes, I am! Love all the football talk, as well as all the beautiful ladies! Thanks for including me!"

Alisha Clarka aka Aly, 2005

"It (the site) is very sexy and the girls look great."

Cynthia Kaye, 2005
Playboy© Producer

austin camry

"Wow! What a site. Thanks for adding me to the family of hot chicks and football!! I am a Texas Girl, but love the 49 rs. Check out my site to see when I'll be in your town!" xoxo

Austin Camry, 2005

"This is an awesome site! Thanks for adding me!! I have to say, I am a Raiders fan baby!! xoxo

Lexi Schafer, 2005

"My new Website went Live this month and I've been getting some really steamy feedback. I love this site and I LOVE football! Thanks for including me!"

Tiffany Diamond aka
Tiffany Preston, 2005

"This is a great cool site for everyone.. I'm sure that all the men out there are in love with your site... Lots of HOT babes.."

-Annabelle Gutman, 2005

"Nice Site!"

Jaimarie, 2005

"Wow and I thought it was only "HOT" in Vegas....not anymore after seeing this site. I love it!! "

Wendy June, 2005

"Shout Out: Hi there!!!What a cool site. I am glad I found it. I would be so honored if I could grace the "hottest fan" webpage as none other than "THE HOTTEST FAN".
:) xoxo

Daytona Day, 2005

"Hot Women!"

Salina Unizpped, 2005

"I'm so glad somebody decided to put the most favorite guy pastime together with women. I think this site will be around for a long time to come! Great job you guys!"

Heather Pariso, 2004

"Hi guys....Go grab your hotdogs, nachos, and beer...Sit down & ENJOY!! ...The BIG question is,,,,,Can I get you to turn the game off for awhile??? Hmmmmmmmm,,, We'll see ....... HAVE FUN!!! Love you all !!!!"

-Deeann Donovan, 2004

"This site is awesome, I am soo happy I found it. I can't wait for the new season to start. I am ready to rough up a few balls myself:-)"

Amanda Lexx, 2004

"HI!...I am an Eagles Fan!...I'm flattered that you are interested in adding me to the HOTTEST MEMBER galleries...Your site is da bomb!"

-Esmeralda Palacios, 2004
Hottest Member

FootballandChicks Yahoo! Group

"I looked over the website and it's great...Fantastic!! Love the look and excitement it generates. We really like being a part of FootBall and Chicks....Thank you for the invitation and opportunity"

-Sara Walker, 2004
Hottest Member

FootballandChicks Yahoo! Group

"I love the site, what a perfect match Girls and Football, Keep up the great work!"

-Elizabeth Kelly, 2004

"Love your website!"

-Kathy Johansson, 2004

"Thank you very much for asking me to be on this great site! I have been watching the NFL for a very long time and I love to come and check out what you guys have to say. Go Raiders! Smooches to the ladies!"

-Jen Hilton, 2004

"This site is the best. It offers the complete package....Sports and Sexy women! The search stops here!! Have FUN!!!"

-Christine Vinson, 2003

"Growing up surrounded by football I'm so happy to see a fun football site like yours! I enjoyed reading the predictions. Glad to be a part of it!" xoxo~

-Jenna Z aka Catalina Cruz, 2003

"Great Site! Things always happening here! Keep Your Eye On It!"

-Kelly Kole, 2003

"Wow! Your site kicks ass! Thanks for giving me the chance to meet some other NFL fans, as well as be surrounded amongst some of the hottest babes on the net! Please keep in touch. - XoXoX"

-Bobbi Billard, 2003

"I think it's wonderful! I am very flattered to represent your site. Live life with a passion!"
-Katherine Thom, 2003

"This site is so cool! Whoever thought of this is a sure genius!"
Cory Lane, 2003

"Football & Chicks is the BEST for Game Results and the BEST p**sy on the web!"

-Bev Cocks, 2003

"It doesn't get any better than football and hot chicks! You guys have a winning combination! I never want to see the season end"

-Sazzy Lee Varga, 2003

"Your site looks like a lot of fun and I'm sure people who visit have a good time exploring. Thanks for making me a part of it. Keep up the good work!-XOXOXO"

-Celeste Marie, 2003

"Excellent, fun, & all around SEXY site! Nothing goes better than football and half naked women, huh guys? Oh yeh, a nice cold beer!!!!"

-Erin Ellington, 2003

"What a great place to spend half-time..a site that keeps you up to date on NFL coverage and mixes in some eye candy! It's a pleasure to be a part of!"

-Jennifer Chamberlin, 2003

"What an effective construction of two remarkable pastimes. A place where you can have your cake and eat it too! Your site is ideal! A toast to"

-Roxy Klein, 2003

"Whoever thought this site up had a great idea!! It can't get any better for men to have football and really hot chicks at one site!! Great idea!!"

-Jill Cannon

"I was a cheerleader in high school for our football team and football has always been one of my favorite sports to watch, at this site you get the best of both worlds, beautiful women and news on an exciting sport, so it feels great to be apart of it :-)"

-Chrissie Collins

"Thanks for the invite! All the women you have posted are beautiful, and I am flattered to be one of them."

-Melisa Ann

"Hi there - thanks for your email! I had a quick look at the site and think its GREAT - I have joined the yahoo group too. Thanks for choosing me to be part of the site..."

-Rebekah Dee
Yahoo! Group Member


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